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[epdionwk] RE: [HoB/D] Selected Anglicans & the incidence of 'homosexual' and 'gay' collocated with their names

Oops, I mistakenly 'ordained' David Virtue when I wrote "Crew is the only
lay person in the list."  It should be "Crew and Virtue are the only lay
persons on the list.

Someone else suggested that I find out how often these same names are
collocated with the name "Jesus" in the pages on which their names appear.
Here's what I documented:

Pages containing these names are more likely to have the name "Jesus" than
the word "gay", by this percentage difference:

Bishop Christopher Epting:  	47.2%
Bishop Bruce MacPherson:  	12.3%
John Spong:  	12.3%
Kendall Harmon:  	5.0%
Louie Crew:  	4.3%
David Virtue:  	1.7%

Pages containing these names are less likely to have the name "Jesus" than
the word "gay", by this percentage difference:

Rowan Williams:  	-0.6%
Frank Griswold:  	-1.5%
Henry Orombi:  	-1.8%
Katharine Jefferts Schori:  	-6.0%
Susan Russell:  	-6.5%
John Sentamu:  	-11.1%
Bishop Robert Duncan:  	-12.5%
Gregory Venables:  	-12.8%
Drexel Gomez:  	-13.8%
Peter Akinola:  	-26.2%
Richard Kirker:  	-73.6%
Colin Coward:  	-81.1%

One person wondered why she got radically different results when she tried
to replicate my study.  To replicate my study you will need to put into the
Google search bar the names shown above in quotation marks followed by the
word, in this instance, e.g.,

           "Louie Crew" Jesus

It's easy to understand why Kirker and Coward, priests working as lbgt
advocates, appear collocated more often with "gay" than with "Jesus"; but
what can account for the scores of Bishops Akinola, Gomez, Venables, Duncan
and Sentamu in this regard?

Someone else asked how I have so much time.  The entire study has taken less
than an hour and a half, and I don't even know the sport about which they
are having something called "Super" today (;o;).  Super Ping Pong?
Badminton.   What else is a quean to do while waiting for "60 Minutes"?

Newark deputy
Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison St., 12d, East Orange, NJ 07018.  973-395-1068

-----Original Message-----
From: Louie Crew []
Sent: Sunday, February 04, 2007 4:09 PM
To: Bishops Deputies Discussion
Cc: Epdionwk; Integrity
Subject: [HoB/D] Selected Anglicans & the incidence of 'homosexual' and
'gay' collocated with their names

I ran Google searches on the following 18 Anglicans.  Here I list the in
order of the number of hits (pages) that show up with their names:

Web pages which include the names:

Rowan Williams:  	775,000
Katharine Jefferts Schori:  	150,000
John Sentamu:  	122,000
Kendall Harmon:  	106,000
Peter Akinola:  	91,200
Frank Griswold:  	90,800
Susan Russell:  	86,700
Louie Crew:  	60,700
John Spong:  	42,400
David Virtue:  	29,600
Bishop Robert Duncan:  	23,200
Drexel Gomez:  	21,700
Henry Orombi:  	12,200
Richard Kirker:  	11,600
Colin Coward:  	11,000
Gregory Venables:  	982
Bishop Christopher Epting:	566
Bishop Bruce MacPherson:	65

Of the total pages for each person, the percent that also include

Henry Orombi:  	79.2%
Bishop Robert Duncan:  	63.4%
Gregory Venables:  	62.1%
Bishop Bruce MacPherson:  58.5%
Drexel Gomez:  	56.7%
Peter Akinola:  	55.8%
David Virtue:  	55.4%
Kendall Harmon:  	43.5%
John Spong:  	39.9%
Katharine Jefferts Schori:  	38.9%
Frank Griswold:  	36.5%
Louie Crew:  	31.1%
John Sentamu:  	25.6%
Rowan Williams:  	21.5%
Susan Russell:  	20.2%
Bishop Christopher Epting:  14.1%
Colin Coward:  	7.8%
Richard Kirker:  	7.0%

Of the total pages for each person, the percent that also include "gay":

Colin Coward:  	87.0%
Richard Kirker:  	85.7%
Peter Akinola:  	70.4%
Bishop Robert Duncan:  	68.5%
Gregory Venables:  	64.8%
Drexel Gomez:  	61.8%
Bishop Bruce MacPherson:  55.4%
David Virtue:  	54.1%
Louie Crew:  	49.1%
John Spong:  	49.1%
Frank Griswold:  	45.0%
Katharine Jefferts Schori:  	44.9%
Kendall Harmon:  	42.4%
John Sentamu:  	36.1%
Susan Russell:  	33.1%
Rowan Williams:  	31.7%
Bishop Christopher Epting: 18.6%
Henry Orombi:  	7.4%

As you look at these lists, ask yourself which persons are most identified
with 'homosexual' and 'gay' in their Google personae, especially among those
who are not themselves lgbt activists within TEC.


I have used titles for three names so common that without their titles
searches would likely mismatch too often.   That means that for those three
bishops (Robert Duncan, Christopher Epting, and Bruce MacPherson) the
overall tally for their name will be undercounted.

Coward, Crew, Kirker, and Russell are lgbt activists.

Coward, Crew, Harmon, Kirker, Russell, and Virtue are the only ones in the
list who are not bishops.

Crew is the only lay person in the list.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has invited  Epting, MacPherson, and Duncan to
Tanzania ahead of the primates meeting there later this month, to speak to
conditions in the Episcopal Church.

And about each individual:

Peter Akinola:  	Archbishop of Nigeria

Colin Coward:  	Director of Changing Attitude, an lgbt advocacy group in the
Church of England

Louie Crew:  	Founder of Integrity, an lgbt ministry in the Episcopal Church

Bishop Robert Duncan:  	Moderator of the Anglican Communion Network

Bishop Christopher Epting:  	Chief Ecumenical Officer of The Episcopal

Drexel Gomez:  	Archbishop of the West Indies

Frank Griswold:  	Retired Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church

Kendall Harmon:  	Clergy deputy from South Carolina and leader in opposition
to the policies of the Episcopal Church

Katharine Jefferts Schori:  	Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church

Richard Kirker:  	Director of the LGBT Christian Movement, an ecumenical
advocacy group in the U.K.

Bishop Bruce MacPherson:  	Bishop of Western Louisiana

Henry Orombi:  	Archbishop of Uganda

Susan Russell:  	President of Integrity, an lgbt ministry in the Episcopal

John Sentamu:  	Archbishop of York

John Spong:  	Retired Bishop of Newark

Gregory Venables:  	Archbishop of the Southern Cone

David Virtue:  	Arch conservative writer.

Rowan Williams:  	Archbishop of Canterbury

Share this information freely.

Newark deputy

Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison St., 12d, East Orange, NJ 07018.  973-395-1068

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