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++Akinola's account of meeting Ernest and me in 2002

I found it interesting to get ++Peter Akinola's account of his encounter
with Ernest and me at the beginning of a  NY Times article on ++Akinola
today ---

THE WITNESS published my own account of that encounter at
http://www.thewitness.org/agw/crew042804jim.html.  Here is the relevant

===begin quotation==

God Always Feeds Us in the Presence of Enemies

In July 2002, I was a lector at the Enthronement of Peter Akinola
(Archbishop of the Anglican Province of Nigeria) at the Cathedral of St.
John the Divine in New York. Mark Sisk (Bishop of New York) invited Ernest
and me, among many others, to his home to meet the archbishop at a reception
afterward. The archbishop dashed to the other side of the room when I
introduced him to Ernest at the punch bowl. Later in the reception Cathy
Roskam (Bishop Suffragan of New York) called me over to engage the
archbishop in conversation with me. Looking like a deer in headlights, he
summoned an aide across the room and abruptly ended the conversation. Ernest
had watched the latter scene from the doorway. "What did you say to him that
put him into a panic?" he asked. "Nothing. He does not know you and me and
he wants to keep it that way. Otherwise, he might have to feed my sheep."

===end quotation==

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