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RE: [HoB/D] "Freedom of choice"

****** ^^^^^ wrote:

> When Ben+ Benitez was our diocesan, he encouraged adoption of the
> "Freedom of Choice" plan which allowed local parishes to reduce
> their share of the diocese's contribution to TEC's missionary
> budget and "redirect" resources to local outreach efforts.  I
> objected loudly then that it was not an  either/or situation and
> that the national church did things we couldn't do  locally.

I am delighted that you opposed the Benitez initiative.  Its effects
are still very much with us in our common life.  Please do not grow weary in
your prophecy.  The case is even stronger if you remember that TEC is not a
"national church," that we are also 11 dioceses outside the USA, that all
111 of our dioceses have missions worldwide.  Attacks on the budget of TEC
diminish those missions.

The Diocese of Texas refused to pay $831,286.67 of TEC's asking in 2004, the
latest year for which we have complete figures.  Instead of paying the 21%
asked of everyone else, the Diocese of Texas paid only 7.1% of your
$6,006,127 intake for that year.  (See the official accounts of all diocesan
askings and payments at

In contrast, many dioceses who received far less in 2004 gave the full 21%.

Yet deputies from Texas came to convention with their heads up, participated
fully in the convention which the rest of us helped to subsidize.  Nine
persons from the Diocese of Texas have accepted appointments to Interim
Bodies whose work the Diocese of Texas dramatically short-changes.  And
Texans routinely brag about the resource of Camp Allen.  Many dioceses could
afford fancy conference centers if they took $831,287 per year away from our
common life.

I wonder how much more we could do collectively to help with missions around
the world were the Diocese of Texas less stingy and more willing to pay
their share of the load.

The Bible says that of those to whom much is given, much shall be required.
That text has replaced a few verses in Leviticus in holding the distinction
of being buried for all but bible scholars in these hard times.

I hope that Texas will continue to participate fully in our work even if you
choose to pay so little of the cost.  We need you; we need your talents, and
your points of view.  I hope the Diocese of Texas will continue not to give
until it can give out of joy, never out of shame.  God does not like givers
who frown.  The bounty is God's, not ours.

Newark deputy

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