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RE: [HoB/D] Fwd: Bishop Duncan's Address at Nashotah

>  And of course they will  continue to take our "dirty" money in the 
> form of their pensions - at least that is what all the clergy who have 
> gone to CANA,  AMiA, etc have done so far.

Of course they will, and they should.  They served this church faithfully
before their departure.  During that time, we and they contributed money to
their pensions accordingly.  When they left, their pensions were frozen in
value as of the date of their departure.  They are not benefiting from any
accrual of our common labors after their departure.

I do not consider myself beholden to any new policies of my former employers
as a prerequisite to receiving my pensions, duly earned.  Why should these?

I am glad that laws protect all from the excesses of any 'side' including
my own.

Newark Deputy

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