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RE: Christian LGBT teaching on sexual ethics

> Sent: Saturday, October 21, 2006 12:28 PM
> Subject: Christian LGBT teaching on sexual ethics

> Dear Mr. Crew:
> I am in one of several conservative Northern Virginia parishes that are
> engaged in "40 Days of Discernment" about our future relationship with the
> Episcopal Church.  I would be grateful for any information you can give me
> on a particular subject--
> In my experience, when the traditional, conservative Church teaches about
> the subject of sex to a heterosexual audience, it teaches things such as the
> illicitness of sex before or outside marrriage, the importance of fidelity
> to the spouse, the obligation of lifelong marrriage (and the adulterous
> character of un-Biblical divorce and remarrriage), and the wrongness of
> pornography and lust.  My question is this:
> When LGBT Christian teachers address a homosexual audience, and when (as I
> understand) they teach that there can be homosexual unions equivalent to
> heterosexual marriage (or as right as hetero marrriage, or however you would
> express it), do they also teach those other things?--i.e., that sex before
> or outside such a union is illicit, that one must be faithfuil for life to
> one's partner, that terminating a partnership and starting another is
> adulterous, and that pornography and lust are sinful?
> If you could refer me to such teaching (and especially if you could provide
> links!), that would be very helpful.
> Thank you.

Thank you for your interest, Mr. XXXXXXXXX.

I recommend the resources at
http://claimingtheblessing.org/publications.html as evidence of what lesbian
and gay Episcopalians seek.   I know of no lesbian and gay Episcopal groups
who approve of promiscuity or unbridled lust.  We are asking the church to
bless commitments to life-long monogamous relationships.   Indeed, God is
already blessing them.

I hope that few of us will across as roundly condemning behavior that we
reject for ourselves.   When Jesus met our ancestor at the well, he was more
concerned with her thirst than with her sin.  Afterwards, when she ran
through her village she did NOT say, "He told me everything wrong about me"
but rather, "He told me everything that I ever did."

Many lesbians and gays have been badly wounded by unloving use of the bible
and hateful rejection by Christians.  Many do not yet know how much God
loves them. When you and I can manifest God's love in our love for them,
they might begin to take seriously our claims that God loves them.  God's
love works out redemption far more profoundly than a set of rules can.
Christ has set free from bondage to the law but binds us with a new
commandment, "That you love one another."

In my marriage to Ernest for almost 33 years now, I have found it easier to
live into our vows not as a condition for God's love but as a response to
God's love.

If that sounds conservative, it's likely because I received my biblical
training at Baylor as a Baptist.  Grace is amazing still.

I hope this is helpful.  Share freely so long as you share all of it, not
just bits and pieces.

May God use us both to spread news of God's redeeming love to absolutely


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