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RE: [HoB/D] The Latest from Lambeth Palace

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Most of his contemporary theologians found deeply problematic Jesus'
inclusion of the thief on the cross, the Samaritan woman, and his many other
low-life friends.

I hang the chances for Ernest and me with Jesus, not with contemporary
theology about us from either side.   I do not mean that as an
anti-intellectual statement, simply as a faith statement.  I respect
theologians, but not as gate-keepers.

There is a huge difference between encountering God and being able to talk
about God, a huge difference between love and being able to talk about love.

Sometimes I find it very wearying to be on the Communion's scaffold while
heterosexuals debate what to do with us. Then I recall that the final
decision is not yours, but that of Jesus -- the carpenter who experienced
scaffolds more than just as a carpenter.

May God be as merciful to you as God is to us..  As a Pentecostal hymn puts
it, "Joy unspeakable and full of glory!"

Lay Deputy from Newark

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