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The crisis of faith that makes the 'summit' necessary

		Dominus in Delicto Flagrante

		God, I can't pray just now,
		     though you're the ruler
		of the universe.

		Some people
		     have been saying
		that you
		     might not even be a real man,
		     might be instead an androgynous mutation.

		Forgive me for my difficulties
		     in paying attention.
		I do find it distracting
		     if I don't know for sure
		what's under that robe
		     you're wearing
		and whether those whiskers are fake.

		It was difficult enough
		     when those black children
		started coloring you black.
		     Before long
		even sissies will be saying
		     that you lisp
		or go about in drag.

		God, I think I'm about to lose
		     my religion,
		and you'll
		     just have to thunder again
		if you're going to get me back.

		            -- Louie Crew, 1980

Publication history:

TwIntegrity December 1981-January 1982: 5.

Coffeehouse Poets' Quarterly Winter 1992:  18.  Used Chinese pen name Li Min

Caught in the Net 20 (July 2004)


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