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RE: [HoB/D] Tony Clavier, "Are we able to talk?"

I had a very different impression.  ++York was not at all persuasive in the
presentation that he gave to Committee 26, nor was his presentation
"substantive, well-informed, wise and patient."  Rather, it seemed chatter
off the top of his head.   In his comments afterwards, he seemed perplexed
that deputies in great numbers rejected his point of view.

Archbishop Sentamu is a charming fellow.  I enjoyed appearing with him on a
panel in London several years ago and reconnected with him at a subsequent
meeting of the synod of the C of E before General Convention in 2003.   He
is not mean spirited, but he is quite inaccurate about the processes of our
convention in this instance.

The real conflict in our process emerged when the House of Deputies violated
our own requirements and with much fudge reconsidered a matter and reversed
ourselves under pressure from our PB and PB-elect.

That manipulation of process could have more long-term negative effects on
our common life than any consequences of the vote itself.  For how many
other "urgent matters" will we be willing to suspend the rules?

In Brecht's play GALILEO, a visitor is quite amazed when processes are
manipulated to condemn Galileo.  "But how can these things happen?" he asks.
"Oh, it's easy once you get the knack of it," a high-ranking official
assures him.

Principles often take care of themselves when everyone agrees about them;
it's much difficult and important to hold to them when we urgently disagree.

L1 Newark

    Have mercy upon us, O LORD, have mercy upon us,
       for we have had more than enough of contempt.
    Our soul has had more than its fill of the scorn
       of the double-plusses,
       of the contempt of proud.
                                      --Psalm 123:3-4

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Dear friends,

I recommend +Tony Clavier's latest blog, "Are We Able to Talk?" here:

It comes to focus around the Abp of York's recent reflection to the C of E
about his visit to our Convention; and so asks some very searching questions
about the structure of our church/polity, particularly in light of the
disappointing results of the 'conversation'/exchange around difficult and
complex issues on the HoD floor several weeks ago.

We say that only GC has the authority, in its legislative processes, to
any number of questions; but then that very legislative process seems to run
roughshod over the kind of substantive, well-informed, wise and patient
deliberations--ordered around mutual listening, prayer, common faith etc.
etc.--that we are so evidently called to as Christians. This is a perplexing
problem indeed, and one that should trouble us as we puzzle about future
reforms that God may be calling us to in this little corner of the Christian


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