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RE: Confronting Gene Robinson with Love



Surely it would be ˙˙neater˙˙ if the church could have dealt with
blessings before it dealt with ordinations or consecrations; but that
simply did not happen. 


Like you, I might choose to change the order in which church
considers issues.  For example, if it were in my power, I might ask
Jesus to have articulated the creed rather than force the church to
wait almost 400 years for it, much of the wait in conflict that we
might have avoided.  However, on further reflection, I am glad that
Jesus did not require the thief on the next cross to recite the creed
before offering him assurance that they would meet in paradise. 


Most important, I am glad that you and I are not in charge.   I
rejoice that the Holy Spirit is not restricted by what we might
construct as more orderly sequences.


Louie Crew

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