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RE: Question about becoming an Episcopalian

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Subject: Question about becoming an Episcopalian


Dear Louie Crew:


I am a recent college graduate that is interested in political and
religious issues and is considering becoming an Episcopalian because
I feel that I will enjoy the liturgy and open mindness. However, I
admit that being interested in moving up in this world, I have a
slightly ulterior motive for joining the Episcopal church. Since, you
have compiled a list of motivations and reasons for joining the
Episcopal church, I am wondering in your opinion, how useful is the
Episcopal church for doing the following:


1. Networking to launch a business career?


2. Finding someone my age from a wealthy family to marry?


I would greatly appreciate a reply,





There are other routes to achieve those two goals.  Join a faith
community only because you share the faith.  Civic religion is dying;
church membership of any sort has little cache.  Those of us still
here are here because we're disciples.


Blessings upon you as you strive to discern your values and




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