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[HoB/D] questions about praying

Bless you, ********.  Times are hard indeed when decent prayer is itself

While at Baylor preparing for the Baptist ministry (Class of '58), I was
shocked to learn that Bob Jones University dismissed several students caught
praying for Billy Graham, whom the founder, Bob Jones, declared beyond
redemption.  Forces currently at work in the Anglican Communion manifest a
similar Puritanism.

I respect what the Commission on Anglican Issues did given its charge, but
it was not given the task of exploring God's blessings, only the task of how
to stay in the same Communion with those who think others more lowly than

It is a sin against the Holy Spirit to interfere with the blessings which
God has already bountifully bestowed on lesbians and gays, not because of
our righteousness, but because of God's.  As far as the east is from the
west, God has removed our sins from us, known and unknown.   No one --
neither primates, nor General Convention, nor the Anglican Consultative
Council, nor any other creature -- can separate us from the love of God in
Christ Jesus.

God loves heterosexuals just as much as God loves lesbians and gays.   There
is good news in that -- good news now radically suppressed in the Anglican

In the racist South of the 30s and 40s when I was growing up you could
easily identify the genteel racists.  They would not talk hostilely about
black people while black servants were in the room.   You could spot the
virulent racists, for invariably they seemed not to notice or honor this
basic respect for other human beings.

You can spot the virulent towards lesbians and gays in the Anglican Communion
using a similar standard.  Much of the hostile discussion about us on this
listserve seems totally unaware or unconcerned that lesbian and gay servants
of Christ are in the room.

Gladly will this cross I bear, but I won't mistake it for kindness.  I know
absolute kindness: Jesus has already been kind to me and wants us to be kind
to absolutely everybody, tender hearted, forgiving one another as God for
Christ's sake has forgiven us all.

Thank you for your prayers.   They are sustaining.

Love, Lutibelle/Louie

Louie Crew
Chair of the Newark Deputation.  Member of Executive Council.

                                        Drink from Samaritan Wells!

               There are 65 days until General Convention.

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IF our denomination were to agree to all the WR requests, then...
I have specific questions about the way we might and might not pray
about gay/lesbian relationships in our churches.

What do we mean  precisely when we say a church cannot "bless
gay/lesbian unions"?

--do we mean that a congregation cannot thank God for particular
relationships that are experienced as a blessing?

-- do we mean that we cannot regard them as "church marriages" - use
this specific terminology?
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