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RE: [HoB/D] Any trend indicated by the deputies in 2003 who are not retuning this summer

Most of the hostility has been in dioceses like yours (Central Gulf
Coast), Pittsburgh, Western Louisiana, and Tennessee, where the vote
already was negative (or divided, which counts as negative).  I know
it hurts those who were voted out, but I see no pattern emerging that
would change the outcome significantly.


We see a similar phenomenon in some dioceses that consented in 2003. 
E.g., Wyoming is returning an even more liberal slate.


Nor do I perceive anything in the bitter and rancorous behavior of
the disloyal opposition to consents that would persuade many to join
them who were not already with them in spirit.   Just how many
Episcopalians want to be under the oversight of Rwanda, Uganda,
Nigeria?     The sky has not fallen. 


While writing this note, I received a call from a friend who read a
letter just sent by Bishop George Carey (previous Archbishop of
Canterbury) to all bishops of TEC with the intent to get them to
re-think the actions of GC 2003.  The letter purports to be endorsed
by a society for the preservation of the Anglican Communion and yet
has no names of identities except Carey's.   How many people is that
kind of `brave' anonymity likely to persuade who are not already on
his side?


Were I a conservative (and as an Anglocatholic, in a large range of
ecclesiastical matters I am), I would be very bitter that leaders of
the Network chose to abandon leadership within The Episcopal Church,
whom they now treat as an enemy.


I think it is much too early to predict what will happen at
Columbus.  Always expect surprises.  We will know that God has shown
up when we find all gracious and kind to one another across these
unhappy divisions.



Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison St., 12D, E. Orange, NJ 07018.



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Thank you for the information. I am concerned that there has been a
backlash against individuals who consented to the ordination of
Bishop Robinson. I know of one priest in our diocese who has had a
tough time since voting thusly and was not nominated to be a deputy
again. Our diocese had a split vote, as you know, and so individual
votes would not show up in the statistics you provided. I recall the
uproar over Bishop's vote in SE Florida and elsewhere and the voting
out of +George Werner as a deputy by the folks in Pittsburgh and it
makes me wonder if there is a backlash on the part of certain folks
that is resulting in a more "conservative" slate of deputies this
time around. There may not be any way to measure it, but it is worth
thinking about.


I would be interested in reading your thoughts on this subject. You
may post this as you see fit.






Clergy Kibitzer, Central Gulf Coast


The Rev. John R. Wallace
St. Mary's Episcopal Church
Milton, FL

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