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Lord Carey's Hegemony in Retirement

Lord Carey of Clifton has sent a letter (at
http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/gallery/carey10.jpg ) to each
member of the US House of Bishops endorsing a project organized by
"Concerned Lay Episcopalians Who Want Their Church to Remain Faithful
to Orthodox Christianity."   Those brave souls do not identify
themselves by a single name in their document, at
http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/gallery/carey11.jpg.  They
include a ballot
http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/gallery/carey13.jpg by which each
may respond a secret referendum on GC 2003, to be returned to them no
later than the Ides of March.


Would you trust people to treat your response as confidential if the
people don't even identify who they are?  Why would you trust what
they claim to be the results of such a poll?




Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison St., 12D, E. Orange, NJ 07018.




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