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RE: [HoB/D] wafer source

UCC theologian James Nelson tells of two of his friends who were great
bakers.  The couple frequently dropped by on Sunday afternoons. Once when
Jim's mother-in-law was visiting, Jim and his wife were nervous about how
she would react to their friends and told her in advance that the guys
were gay and both living with AIDS.  The mother-in-law was polite but
distant while the two friends were there. As they left, one said, 'O, let
me go to the car. I forgot that we have made you a cake.'

No one spoke about the gift on the counter as the Nelsons ate their Sunday
supper.  They lingered long after the meal, and then the mother-in-law
said, 'I am going to have some of that cake!'

Jim said, 'That's the first time I experienced angel food cake as

May we become one with the One we receive.

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