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RE: [HoB/D] schism?]

On February 2nd you wrote:
> The church may not, therefore, invoke God's blessing on any other sort of
> sexualunion. This, Ann, is why the sexuality issue is a deal-breaker. It's 
> the match that lights a pretty short fuse that leads directly to the core of
> Christian faith and practice.

Queer power! but do you want to attribute that kind of power to us?

Thank you for reminding me afresh why the BCP bids us pray "Shield the
joyous."  I rejoice that I did not see your post until this morning.  On
yesterday, when you wrote it, I was shielded in the awareness that on
February 2, 1974 Ernest and I married using the 1928 BCP, the only one
available at the time. (See

You are not the first to object.  Within months, my parish asked me to
leave, and when I remained at God's invitation, the rector refused to share
the peace.  For several years adolescents pelted our apartment with stones
as predictably as the spring rains. Sometimes their parents tried to
frighten us by running us off the road.  One bishop, a "continuing
Anglican," accused us on the front page of a John Birch Society's newspaper
of causing a tornado.   The local Episcopal bishop summoned me for

But God did not wait on the Church.  Through those fearsome biddings and
pledges for 32 years and still counting, God has blessed Ernest and me full
measure, pressed down and running over.

God loves you and God loves the Church just as much as God loves the two of
us.  May God fill your life with blessings.

When we understand how fully God loves us, it takes an extraordinarily
uptight sibling to be surprised or resentful about how much the Father loves
all His children, particularly the most prodigal.

I don't understand it, but I surely recognize it when I experience it.

Grace abounds and abounds and abounds....

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