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[HoB/D] New school curriculum on condom use angers clergy (Tanzania)

At a 1995 Kanuga conference on evangelism, a different conservative leader
showed up to have lunch with me each day, as if to protect others from any
influence I might have.  One of these lunch companions, now very big in the
AAC, opened the conversation with the gambit, "Louie, gays are all wrong
about 'safe-sex'; abstinence is the only 'safe-sex' outside heterosexual

Sex is not my idea of a topic of conversation over lunch.   I shifted the
focus to his own children.  "XXXXX, if your son or daughter were to contract
syphilis, would you deny them access to penicillin?" I asked.

"That's ridiculous!   No child of mine will be having sex outside of
marriage!" he snorted.

"XXXXX, humor me, please.  This is merely hypothetical.  If a child of yours
did contract syphilis, would you deny her or him access to penicillin?"

"Yes!" he replied.  "Anyone who disobeys God and has sex outside marriage
deserves whatever sexual consequences happen."

"Please pass the rolls," I replied; "clearly we don't have much to say to
each other about sex."

Pray that this father has grown up in time for his children's needs.  Pray
for all children whose parents manifest so little compassion.


Louie Crew
Chair of the Newark Deputation.  Member of Executive Council.

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Ecumenical News International
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17 January 2006

New school curriculum on condom use angers clergy in Tanzania

By Frank Jomo
Blantyre, Malawi, 17 January (ENI)--A new school science syllabus
in Tanzania that incorporates the teaching of how condoms should
be used has angered Roman Catholic bishops who have condemned it
as unacceptable.

"Introduction of the [teaching of] use of condoms in schools,
apart from being sinful, is indeed justification and opening the
door for immoral lifestyles," Cardinal Polycarp Pengo, the
archbishop of Dar es Salaam, said in a statement issued by
Tanzania's Episcopal Conference on 9 January. "Teaching children,
some as young as 12 years old, the use of condoms is disastrous."

The disputed part of the syllabus lists several ways of
preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS, including the proper use of
condoms. The Ministry of Education released the new primary
school science syllabus in November 2005.

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