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RE: your proposal for a moritorium on consents and blessings of lbgt at least until GC 2009, to preserve the Communion

I have been patient for a long time and delaying a bit longer would not be
the end of the world for me.  I already live in the Kingdom much of the
time, and it is not something that any of the proposals could give me or
take away from me.

On the other hand, I see nothing that even remotely suggests that the
Episcopal Church's agreement to a limited moratorium would 
be received in good faith.   The Anglican Consultative Council and
The Network are off the charts in the arrogance with which they violate
canons and boundaries in their plot to overthrow the Episcopal Church.
Akinola and Orombi have threatened even the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Almost no one in the Communion is having the conversations with lbgt
Christians promised for several Lambeths and in the more recent statements
from primates, the WR, and from Nottingham.  I deplore the abuse of voting
at Nottingham against TEC and the Canadians while they had agreed to give up
seat, voice, and vote.   A spirit of shared forbearance and charity seems to
have left the room.  Meanwhile, TEC patiently, and without protest,
continues to pay its portion of the bill that funds these junkets of

'Ugly Americans' would have left.  It is in the DNA of U.S. citizens to
oppose "taxation without representation"; but it is in the DNA of
Christians, and of Executive Council to return good for evil.

Would the moratorium which you suggest merely prolong the blood letting and
continue the scapegoating of lesbigay Christians?

Would it not also give to the Communion a de facto authority which it has
never claimed for itself previously?

I would be much more disposed to accept delays if all sides were willing to
pay the cost of them equally.  For example, would the church be willing to
stop all consecrations and blessings until we reach a consensus?


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