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RE: [HoB/D] Finally there is...The Real Question

XXXXXX wrote: "And so, the sexuality debate is really not just about 
sexuality.  It is about....."

Gays and lesbians have known this for years.  All that time and continuing
now the church and the Communion have been scape-goating us.

Scape-goating is evil.  It must stop.

God has given many gays and lesbians spiritual muscle to take it; some of us
have so much spiritual muscle that it appears ugly, rather like Arnold's,
which as governor he now covers up with suits specially made not to rip
under pressure from the freakish bulges.

Scape-goating is spiritually dangerous for the one who participates in it,
including those who watch from the sidelines and say nothing to stop it.


Louie Crew
Chair of the Newark deputation; Member of Executive Council


Our neighbor's a fag and bakes good cakes,
     as parents are careful to warn children.
But he's just an undertaker,
     so there ain't much way
he could harm no living thing.

He even married wunts,
     to a widow schoolteacher;
but their maid let out
     how the two lived in separate parts
of the house right from the beginning,
     and the teacher, being sickly,
conveniently upped and died real soon.

I think those boys were wrong to beat him up
     when he wrote the paper about Anita.
A little sugar in his gas tank
     or a few discreet breathing calls
oughta been enough to keep him scared
     to make another public move.

We ain't got nothin gainst wackadoos, really,
     long's they don't do nothin or tell nobody.
We Episcopalians never have let the Baptists
     tell us how to run our lives.

              -- Louie Crew, 1978

Has appeared in

Gruene Street March 1997.
Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services 7.3 (1997):  106-107.
Rural Gays and Lesbians.  An anthology edited by James D. Smith and Ronald
Mancoske.  NY:  Harrington Park Press, 1997.  106-107.

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