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RE: [HoB/D] Akinola and the Kairos Connection Part 1

Gentle Bishop Lee,

Thank you for your counsel.  I share many of your concerns.

Archbishop Akinola called for suspending the Church of England and the
Archbishop of Canterbury from the Communion.  I responded as a Christian,
not as part of a "Gay Agenda."

Gay people did not choose to be the center of the agenda at Lambeth 98.  Gay
people do not choose now to be scapegoats in power grabs in the Communion.
We are people, not issues.

The proper agenda of all Christians is to love God with our hearts, minds,
souls, and strength, and our neighbors as ourselves.   Pray that all of us
will love and serve Christ in the neighbors who revile us and say all manner
of evil against us falsely.

I agree that reactions to lesbians and gays are usurping enormous amounts of
energy from the most important missions which engage us.  A few bishops of
those who are among the neediest have almost abandoned them by rejecting the
aid Anglicans in North America are anxious to give without any strings
attached.  What they spend flying round the world and interfering with the
polity of our provinces could feed, clothe, and medicate thousands.

I agree too that even to notice these attacks risks giving them a life they
might otherwise not have.

Yet if bishops in the Communion hear only the point of view of those who
wish to punish the Anglican Church of Canada, the Episcopal Church, and now
the Province of Brazil, how can they can they possibly make informed

Indeed, pray for my discernment as I try to decide what to share. Most of it
is sent to me by others with a request that I share it.  I write very little
of it myself.

I ask you too to be responsible.  Please help us get aid to those most
desperately in need.  Please urge your episcopal colleagues on your
continent not to make their poor and suffering pay the price of purity tests
imposed on Anglicans in Canada and the United States.

Please also call for an end of the rampant scapegoating of gays and
lesbians.  Please ask bishops to live into their promise at Lambeth to
listen to lesbian and gay Christians.

It is indeed important to have other useful things to do.  Currently I am
blessed with an abundance of same.  I do not assume your life is to be
measured completely by the focus of your correspondence with me, and you
should be careful not to make that mistake either.   If you want to know
more about me, freely contact your colleague +Jack Spong.  I understand that
you two collaborated at Lambeth.  I wish that the Conference had agreed to
the further study that you recommended rather than to pass  divisive
resolutions with no juridical authority.

May God use your ministry and mine to bring joy to absolutely everybody.  If
you are ever in the New York area, do let me host you to a meal and a visit
of ministries in the Diocese of Newark.

Faithfully, Louie
Louie Crew, http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/rel.html   My Anglican pages

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Subject: Re: [HoB/D] Akinola and the Kairos Connection Part 1

Dear Louie
Can't you find something more useful to do than pushing this stuff?
We live with thousands orphaned daily and have to find time to read this
guff. There is something ethically questionable about the sheer greed of the
gay agenda for the time, energy and work of the church when there is so much
important stuff to do.

You don't need to debate that with me - just think responsibly about it.


+Peter John Lee

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> First they came for homosexuals at Lambeth 98; but few spoke up in the
> Church of England, certainly not the Archbishop of Canterbury, who led the
> charge.
> Next they came for Geoffrey John, a gay man appointed as bishop suffragan;
> but few spoke up in the Church of England, and his close friend the
> Archbishop of Canterbury pressured Geoffrey John to turn down the
> appointment.
> Next they came for The Anglican Church in Canada because they blessed
> lesbians and gays in committed relationships, and few in the Church of
> England spoke up, certainly not the Archbishop of Canterbury.
> Next they came for Episcopal Church in the USA because it consented to the
> consecration a gay man elected as bishop; but few in the Synod of the
> of England spoke up, and certainly not the Archbishop of Canterbury.
> Next they came for the Anglican Consultative Council.  Although primates
> have no jurisdiction at the ACC, they pressured to  restructure the ACC
> to assure that the primates will control it into perpetuity.  That passed
> narrowly, and only because the North Americans had been forced to give up
> vote and voice.  Yet the Church of England did not speak up to oppose it,
> and certainly not the Archbishop of Canterbury.
> Now it appears they have come for the Church of England and for the
> Archbishop of Canterbury, and no one else with standing in the Communion
> left who will speak for the Church of England and the Archbishop of
> Canterbury.
> Louie Crew, Ph.D., D.D., D.D., D.S.L.
> Member of Executive Council of the Episcopal Church (which elects our ACC
> representatives)
> Chair of the Newark Deputation
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> Subject: [HoB/D] Akinola and the Kairos Connection Part 1
> Here is Archbishop's article which appeared in the Kairos Journal.  He
> was honored by the Journal in a special program this week.
> Homosexuality's Destructive Effect on Church & Culture
> Archbishop Peter Akinola is primate of over 17 million Anglicans in
> Nigeria. Here he responds to the practice of appointing homosexual
> bishops in the Anglican Church....

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