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[epdionwk] Scammer masquerading as +Jackson Matovu in Uganda; beware

I asked Benjamin Musoke-Lubega+, former Officer for Africa for TEC and 
now Grants Officer for Trinity Wallstreet, to check the authenticity 
of an appeal when someone else asked me about it last week.  Ben 
checked with the bishop whom the correspondent claims to be, and the 
real +Jackson Matovu said he had not sent the letter.

Today someone else asked me about the authenticity of a similar 
letter, and a couple of minutes later the scammer sent the appeal to 
me as well, mine with incredible claims to support gay people.

I replied that unless I receive confirmation of the person's identity, 
I will turn over the correspondence to the FBI and through them to 
Interpol.  Please save any appeal sent directly to you from this 
person, so that the FBI might have it as evidence.

Apparently the scammer is gleaning names and email addresses from many 
Episcopal sites.

Best wishes.


> From: centralbuganda diocese [mailto:cenbugdio@yahoo.com]
> Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 6:39 AM
> To: Louie Crew
> Dear Ernest and Louie Clay-Crew
> I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus.I thank God for this 
> opportune time of communicating to you.
> Please do let me introduce myself to you, I am Bishop Jackson 
> Matovu, Bishop of Central Buganda Diocese(Anglican) a Diocese in a 
> rural part of our East African Country,Uganda.
> Our Diocese is poverty stricken due to the last three wars, 
> secondly, We were invaded by HIV/AIDS that has affected the most 
> productive age (youths) who die leaving behind many orphans.
> Our Diocese is engaged in the work of Christ and teaching gay 
> activitiese amidst these challenges,this would have been smooth if 
> We had well-trained gay clergy;at the moment the diocese is 
> under-staffed.
> Last year,two lay-readers were admitted at Buwere Divinity College 
> for Diplomas in Theology; a pre-liquisite for ordination in our 
> Church.Although they were admitted at the college for that 
> course,they can hardly raise the required dues for the course. One 
> of the two Ordinands is Miss Grace Mayombwe=A0 a gay activist who is 
> a proffesional Teacher and has qualifications to teach and preach to 
> the deaf.Being that the biggest school for the deaf in our country 
> is found in our Diocese,We are conviced that she(Mayombwe) has the 
> potential to serve in the school as a chaplain. Because the chance 
> (for the course) still stands,we wish to earnestly appeal to you to 
> sponsor her the remaining two semesters(each at US $820).
> We believe beyond reasonable doubt that,when she completes her 
> course,she will be a tangible blessing to the disabled in our 
> Diocese especially the deaf.

> We would like to send some testmonials to you,therefore we kindly 
> ask
> you send us your mailing address.
> For any more information,I refer you to:-
> The Diocesan Secretary,
> Central Buganda Diocese,
> P.o. Box 71213
> email:cenbugdio@yahoo.com

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