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Re: [HoB/D] Archbishop Akinola's denouncement of the effects of homosexuality on the church (by Terry Pannell+)

> 9/10/05
> Dear Louie,
> The more I read about the African leadership of our beloved Church, the
> more  concerned I become.  I can only hope that they will continue to
> expose  themselves and alert their American followers to the awful place
> this is leading.
> I suspect that the next step will be to exclude women from the "inner
> circle".  That may be the "straw that broke the camel's back".

Yes, I find one does not need to expose them since they do that so
marvelously themselves.

Most are acting faithfully to their experience of God's abounding love for
them just as they are.  Too many of those are blinded to God's abounding
love for those not at all like them.  All of us run the risk of making an
idol of Grace as we have received it.  God is living, and cannot be thus
captured or preserved.



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>> I read the latest statement from Archbishop Akinola
>> denouncing the "effects" of homosexuality on the
>> church.  Not only the content but the tone of his
>> diatribe is similar to that of politicians,
>> televangelsists, and sadly some Episcopalians (lay and
>> clergy) who would rather condemn lesbian and gay folk
>> rather than enter into and promote a thoughtful and
>> serious dialogue about faith and human sexuality.  Mr.
>> Akinola's reference to gays and lesbians as "cancerous
>> elements" upon society promotes fear, hatred and gives
>> tacit approval to violence toward a particular
>> minority.   Not only have I witnessed such things, I
>> have been a recipient of it in our own country.
>> There have been and probably always will be Christians
>> who draw lines in the sand in an effort to coerce
>> submission to a particular point of view.  I do not
>> question Mr. Akinola's faith but I do question his
>> ethics.  He may very well believe he has been charged
>> with protecting the church, but as the late Bishop
>> Robert Hargrove once told me "if God is relying on
>> people like me to protect the church then we are all
>> in a lot of trouble."
>> Like many of the clergy I share Archbishop Akinola's
>> concern that the church is sometimes seen as a quaint
>> but socially irrelevant institution.
>> If that is indeed the situation, which it may very
>> well be in some places, then it is not because the
>> gospel has become irrelevant.  It is because we
>> (especially the clergy) have done a unacceptable job
>> in reaching out to people in a genuinely loving way,
>> and that includes reaching out to  our colleagues.   I
>> seriously doubt people will believe anyone who
>> proclaims God's love in one breath and then in another
>> refers to you as a cancerous element on society.
>> Anyone who is bold enough to take up the mantle of
>> proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ cannot
>> expect other people to be transformed if we ourselves
>> are unwilling to be transformed along with them.
>> Perhaps the greatest obstacle to fulfilling the Great
>> Commission is not theological, social or political
>> differences of opinion.  It is the fear that our
>> interaction with others who do not look, act or
>> believe like us might actually change the way we see
>> them.  Come to think of it, isn't that how love works?
>> Peace
>> Terry R. Pannell+
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