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Re: [HoB/D] A Risen Savior Intent on Rescue

This is a powerful witness, XXXXX, and quite similar to my own experience 
of God's revelation regarding a wrong turn in my own life.   I am grateful 
for the privilege of putting  my name on record for it.

Growing up as gay, I learned to accept the Church's fierce teaching about 
folks like me.  I viewed my persistent longings, despite years of 
abstinence, therapy and prayer, as an abomination.  I cowered in secrecy 
and saw myself as the worm that others took me to be.  I loathed myself. 
I spent enormous amounts of time focused only on myself.  I prayed  long 
and hard for God to remake me.

And God did.  God acted not by sending me back into the womb or changing 
my plumbing, but by inviting me into another room.   "Extricate yourself 
from this," God said, and on Labor Day weekend in 1973 Ernest invited me 
into Room 647 at the old Atlanta YMCA on Lucky Street.   Spiritually I 
have never left that holy place.

Soon Ernest also said, " "Extricate yourself from self-loathing:  I love 
you."   We courted for 5 months and then committed ourselves in marriage, 
on 2/2/74.

It was only because Ernest said it that I learned God meant it in a way 
far bigger than Ernest and I together could ever imagine:  "Extricate 
yourself from your fear of how I made you.  I love you, just as you are."

Accepting God's love frees us up from self-absorption.  Our God is an 
awesome God and wants us to say to absolutely everybody,  "Extricate 
yourself from this:  I love you."

Many will not likely hear God saying "I love you" until they hear one of 
us saying it first.

Grace is amazing still.  Our risen savior still intends rescue.



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A Risen Savior intent on Rescue

A number of years ago, I had taken a "wrong turn." It was a turn away 
from Jesus and a turn toward my own selfish desires. For months, I 
rationalized my actions, attempted to "spiritualize" them?"this must be 
the leading of the Holy Spirit" I would lie to myself.

I was leading a weekend retreat for a group in the parish. I was driving 
back to the parish to celebrate the morning Eucharist.. And then, 
suddenly, coming from my left, was an "inner voice"?not thought nor 
idea?it was a voice. The Voice said four simple words. "Extricate 
yourself from this." I could not help but take notice. I also knew very 
well what the voice was referring to?to my :"wrong turn."

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