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Sola scriptura within scripture

>  I  agree with you that a Christ criterion in which the
>  teaching and actions of  Jesus have an interpretive priority is one way.
> But if   it is only  that we end up with a sort of sola scriptura within
> scripture.

Are you rejecting Christ's claim that all the law and all the prophets hang
on the first and second commandments?  Is not that 'a sort of sola scriptura
within scripture'?

And is not Micah's short list also 'a sort of sola scriptura within
scripture'?  Are you claiming that God requires more than that?

Are you rejecting Paul's assertion that we are saved by faith alone, not by
any works that we can do?  Is not that 'a sort of sola scriptura within

I reject revisionism that would give a lower priority to any of these .

God has not placed the sins of some no farther than Manhattan is from the
Bronx.  We have much better news to tell, and God commands us to go to the
uttermost parts of the world to proclaim it to absolutely everybody.


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