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Re: Playing with "the Akinola kids"................

> Who  wants to bet that the average Nigerian knows or cares who 
> Bishop Gene Robinson  is?

It should be obvious to any Nigerian why the Archbishop is harping on the
issue of homosexuality:  it gains its utility precisely by being, at least
apparently, remote.  By attacking gays and lesbians, Archbishop Akinola
(like several other primates) unites a very ethnically divided Anglican
province (and nation).

Very few Ibo Christians in Nigeria worship in the same parish as Yoruban
Christians, and when they do, they bring their divisions with them.
Akinola, like the majority of Nigerian bishops, is Yoruban.

Bishops elect bishops in Nigeria; imagine how that feels if otherwise you
might be "bishop material" but are Ibo.  (Those two large groups are just
the tip of the iceberg of ethnic diversity within Nigeria.)

We're not talking about just nice cultural differences here, such as local
preferences for grits, fraps, Tex-Mex, sour dough bread, Taylor ham, or
scrapple:  In the life time of most living Nigerian bishops, a fierce civil
war waged for 30 months, 1967 to 1970.

What a convenient tool the lesbigay issue is to re-focus attention away from
the divisions and to unite people "in Christ" by all hating the same largely
invisible group of people, with the added boon of getting back at the North
Americans who have too often treated all with condescension and arrogance.

Louie Crew, Member of Executive Council, Chair of the Newark Deputation

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