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Re: [epdionwk] Re: This Mutiny Will Fail; The Church Will Abide

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Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2005 10:48 AM

> I see a real distinction between the civil punishment for proscribed
> behavior and its morality.  I agree with you that those of us who are
> more "conservative" tend to place too much emphasis on sexual
> immorality.  But I also beleive that "progressives" tend to ignore it
> and obscure the fact that God is holy and call us to holiness.
> Figuring out what that means has to begin with Scripture - not
> isolated and individual verses, but the entirely of it seen and
> evaluated through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and not
> based on the general concensus of society.

XXXXXX, where was the general consensus of society when most lbgt couples I 
know made commitments to one another?  Most states have no consensus 
honoring those commitments even now.

How are couples in such relationships ignoring sexual morality?   How do we 
obscure the fact that God is holy and calls us to holiness?  How do we 
ignore Scripture?

Few heterosexuals have to study scripture intensely to receive the full 
support of their relationships, even relationships that begin in a morning 
and lead to marriage by afternoon and divorce in a few days.

Where is the evidence that heterosexuals are respecting marriage?  My spouse 
argues that heterosexuals have so debased the word "marriage" that it cannot 
adequately describe our bonding.  I am glad that his stereotypes do not 
describe your relationship with Liz and that your stereotypes do not 
describe my relationship to him.

Most lesbigay Christians are far more versed on the texts that are stumbling 
blocks for you than are most conservatives, who did not even talk about the 
subject, much less know where the bible bullets are, until relatively 

Yet when Arthur Dong prepared his PBS documentary about seven men in prison 
for killing gays, the murderers all knew those texts, and felt they were 
"Licensed to Kill" (the title of  movie).  They knew the clear consensus of 
how most Americans devalue their gay neighbors, and most were surprised that 
they were even arrested for putting into practice the popular rejection.


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