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Re: [HoB/D] Who Will Be the 26th Presiding Bishop?


No matter how a bishop voted on consents to NH, any nominee for PB will be, 
and should be, examined by both sides on how she or he can hope to lead all, 
not just those who agreed with that nominee's vote.

Not every one who voted the way that I did on C045 would make a good 
Presiding Bishop, and some who voted differently from me might make a good 
Presiding Bishop.

I hope that my report makes it easier to frame that and many other important 
questions of the potential nominees.

I focus on many other variables:  age, length of service as a bishop, 
ethnicity, gender, current type of bishop........   And if you click on any 
bishop's name,  you can access information about the bishop's education, 
marriage data, voting record on a variety of recorded votes, size of 
See,......     I expect to add additional information about stewardship 
nearer the time of convention to have the most recent data, and at the same 
time I will be updating my Profile of the House of Bishops to reflect the 
changes since 2003.

XXXXXX, it is you, not I, who have singled out from a detailed report the 
vote on consent to NH as a singular litmus test. You must take 
responsibility for such obsessive single-mindedness.

When the museum takes a fig leaf off the statue, those who are mature see 
the statue whole and do not gawk like naughty schoolboys at what had been 
previously covered.



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> Louie:
> Thank you for posting your website page asking the question "Who will be 
> the 26th Presiding Bishop?".  You make it extremely clear that there is 
> only one issue of any importance: did potential candidates vote for or 
> against Gene Robinson, and if they voted against, they are not to be 
> considered, as your red symbol with the diagonal line for those opposed to 
> Robinson, and the green symbol for those in favor makes all too plain. 
> How they stand on issues like their personal faith and sense of their own 
> Christian mission, church growth, evangelism, outreach etc, etc are all 
> totally irrelevant and have no bearing on anything.  Robinson is it.
> Is this a "Litmus Test"?
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>> See http://www.andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew//26thPBwho.html
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