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Re: Exec Council


I have not polled any members of Executive Council.   I sense that most at 
the moment tend to want our ACC representatives to go, but possibly I am 
projecting my own views on others that do not share them.  My own view is 
not hard and fast:  I am open to persuasion..  I have much respect for the 
Presiding Bishop in his support of the actions of General Convention.  He is 
taking more than a lion's share of the heat because of our actions, and I 
tend to give therefore more than usual weight to his opinion.

I believe that all us will be going to Chicago with minds and hearts open, 
looking especially for ways that we can honor our consciences with the least 
additional offense to those whom we have aggrieved by doing so at GC 2003.

I agree with you that some in the Communion seem bent on having no part of a 
Communion in which The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada do 
not bend to their will in matters human sexuality.  Those with these 
convictions must do what they must do.   I will not shape my views in 
reaction to theirs, but do want to be sensitive to their concerns.

I want The Episcopal Church not to leave the Communion voluntarily.  I think 
that our presence on the ACC is important quite beyond the witness we make 
to our own convictions.  Even the primates themselves backed off from the 
parts of the Windsor Report that would give more power to the Archbishop of 
Canterbury, as did the ACC in response to the Virginia Report.

For many of the same reasons the Communion will not be well served by giving 
new powers to the Primates Meeting.   We left a church with a curia at our 

I believe that it is still possible to honor one another across our many 
differences.   We should not stop honoring and respecting others even if 
they dishonor us and trash our faith commitments.   The only way to stop 
rancor is not to participate in it ourselves.

It is vital that The Episcopal Church continue to do mission in the world 
beyond its borders.  It is crucial to our discipleship that we give from the 
bounty that God has given to us.  It is vital that we grow from the strong 
and faithful witness of those who disagree with us.   The loose structures 
of the Anglican Communion have helped enormously as networks for such shared 
ministry.  We will continue to find networks even we are excluded from 
official participation in the Anglican Communion.

Best wishes.


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