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Re: A Tainted Easter Message [from the Washington Post]

Yes, tainted.

Judas paid the price for his own conscience.  The Archbishop of Uganda is 
asking the poorest and most vulnerable to pay the price for his conscience. 
While he jets about pointing fingers at the sins he finds on the other side 
of the world, he cuts his poorest folks from the aid they so desperately 

Archbishop Orombi is a liar.  He pledges that he will listen to the stories 
of lesbian and gay Christians, yet fiercely isolates himself from that 
witness and pronounces against them in ways that make his country and his 
church quite unsafe for them.

God is indeed in control, and not everybody talking about God has taken care 
to see him in those we deem the least among us.  I did not write that 
Judgment Day criterion, but will face it just as surely as will you and the 
Archbishop.  May God have mercy on us all.

Louie, a gay Christian

Louie Crew, PhD, DD, DD, DHL
Member of Executive Council (the Board of Directors) of the Episcopal Church
Chair of deputation of the Diocese of Newark to General Convention

P.S.  I wish you would not cower in anonymity:  stand up and say who you 
are.  Rfreelife@aol.com reveals nothing.

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  At one point, before Jesus' death, Judas realized what he had done.  He 
had blood money.  The good Bishop of Uganda, in an area I have been to, does 
not wish the same.

  God is in control.  He knows the needs of the area.  Help will come, help 
that is not tainted.

  This is a scary, scary email, portraying the right as wrong.  Scary.  It 
shows how principled many God-fearing people in Uganda and other African 
countries are, and how fast we Americans are to sell our soul.  Though, I am 
sorry to sense the pain and anger that is in these words.  It is hard to 
live like that.

  Yes, the two diocese are in direct theological conflict.  The assertion 
that the South Rwenzori Diocese "upholds the Holy Scriptures as the true 
word of God," is true.  It is not implied that the Pennsylvanian diocese 
does not- it is clearly stated.

  There will be a day when Ugandans come to America to evangelize.  We need 

  And he did it in the name of God.  We are glad he did.  Amen.


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