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Re: [HoB/D] House of Bishops adopts 'Covenant Statement" ENS 3/15

> Those of us having jurisdiction pledge  to withhold consent to the 
> consecration of any person elected to the episcopate after the date hereof 
> until the General Convention of 2006, and we encourage the dioceses of our 
> church to delay episcopal elections accordingly.

I rejoice that the bishops achieved so high a level of agreement and even 
more that they are willing to let all suffer the delay equally with no 
privileges according to plumbing.

May we all use this time to learn to work at loving one another much more 
intentionally across our disagreements.

If the bishops honor their covenant, the covenant could delay episcopal
elections or consents in    

Central Ecuador
Eastern Michigan
El Camino Real
Northern California
South Carolina
Southern Ohio
Southwest Florida
Virgin Islands                                              
West Texas (suffragan

See more details in the Living Church at


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