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[HoBD] Make a joyful noise

> In a message dated 3/13/2005 12:47:01 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> XXXXXX@XXXX.com writes:
> One of  the leaders of the Anglican  Communion Institute called 
> me "a pathetic  fruit." (I saved that e-mail as a  badge of  honor.)

Sugar, lots of us have similar badges from that same leader of the Anglican 
Communion Institute.  What fun!   Let's make a date for 100 years from now 
in heaven to enjoy laughing about these badges with the one who created 

We may not even have to wait for the life to come. For a long time I 
collected hostile mail from bishops in a heavy binder labeled "Episcopal 
Snide."  Some authors archived there are now very good friends.

At the 1976 convention of the Diocese of California the local Integrity 
chapter had a huge Sterling bowl filled to overflowing, sporting a sign 
"take a fruit to lunch."

Ezekiel 1:26 assures me that gay males will be in heaven, because it refers 
to a sapphire throne.   God will need the help of a gay male to locate an 
antique store that has one.

I am told that schizophrenics can never laugh at themselves.  The Anglican 
Communion is less in danger from heresy or apostasy than it is from a loss 
of a sense of humor.  God made the ticklebox, and She expects us to keep it 
in good repair.

See my 1973 article in the conservative LUTHERAN FORUM, "Did Jesus Laugh?"
at http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/jlaughed.html

Lutibelle of the Alabama Belles/Louie

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       If Michaelangelo had been straight, he would have painted
       the Sisteen Chapel off-white, with a roller.
                                             --Rita Mae Brown

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