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Re: [HoB/D] Windsor Report/Communique & Identity

I was secretary to the committee that nominated Gene Robinson+ to be
Bishop Coadjutor of Newark.  When he met with the committee, and later
when all the candidates met in the 'dog 'n pony' show, I grueled him
mercilessly:  "The Diocese of Newark does not need a 'gay bishop'; we need
the best bishop we can possibly elect to serve the whole state of Christ's
church.  Why should we {nominate/vote for} you?"

"Because I don't want to the 'the gay bishop' but the best bishop I can
possibly be for the whole state of Christ's church," he replied.  We
believed him and nominated him.  The Diocese of Rochester believed him and
nominated him.  The Diocese of NH believed him and elected him.  The
General Convention of the Episcopal church believed him and consented. In
doing so we knew and he knew that the naysayers would do their
damnedest to make him 'the gay bishop.'  We knew that God, with +Gene's
enormous gifts and with the enormous gifts of Episcopalian disciples,
could redeem those charges by seizing them as a Gospel opportunity, much
as Jesus did when he rejected the food his disciples rushed to him at
Jacob's well, where he had given a different kind of water and food to our

The problem with asking the dozens of lesbigays from whom the Holy Spirit
is likely to tap at least one of the nominees in the Diocese of
California, the Diocese of Newark, the Diocese of ......  to step up 
en masse to a moritarium on the Holy Spirit, is not only to do a violence 
to the Holy Spirit, but it is to put the Church's imprimatur on the concept 
that there is such a thing as a 'gay bishop'  That would be a collosal 

I repeat, no diocese needs a 'gay bishop.'  Every diocese, indeed the
whole state of Christ's church, needs the best bishop we can possibly
elect.  That's what the Episcopal Church has in +Gene Robinson.  May
+Gene's numbers increase to bless all.

Lutibelle/Louie, Queer, For Christ's Sake only!
Louie Crew, L1 Newark.  Member of Executive Council

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But, there is significant difference between our volunteering a
"temporary denial" on behalf of lgbt people and their own volunteering to
accept a "temporary denial" for the benefit of the whole church. As I see
it, the former is actually to repeat patterns of oppression which we are
trying to get away from. Replace the term "gays and lesbians" with
"African-Americans" or "Hispanics" or "Women" and I am sure that you will
see how that reads.

Having said that, I believe it would be an incredible witness to the
entire church if glbt people were to stand up and volunteer to take that
"temporary denial" on themselves. It would be a witness that says that
they are voluntarily denying themselves that to which they now have a
right in order to work towards a resolution which will bring justice and
unity to the whole church. But noone can make that decision for them.

Jesus chose to take our suffering on Himself. It was Pontius Pilate who
decided to make that choice for him. This is a time which calls for our
absolute best, for our holiness, our humility. This is not a time when our
witness to the world can be tainted by our sinfulness and pride.....

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