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Hickory Nut Sandwiches & the HoBD discourse community

During slavery, one way "prominent" families showed off their wealth was to 
serve hickory nut sandwiches.  It takes quite a long time to get enough of 
the tiny nut fragments in the hard hickory shells to make even one sandwich; 
to serve hickory nut sandwiches to a large party was to flaunt the wealth 
you had in slaves to deploy in making them.

Even in indecent systems, some individuals are more decent than others. 
Growing up privileged as white and male in apartheid Alabama, I noticed that 
some families used another "N" word to refer to their domestic servants, not 
"Nigras," the polite Suthun term used at our family dinner table.  I also 
noticed that not every family followed our custom of never talking about 
race issues at the dinner table when the servant was in the room.  Some 
families I visited paid the servants no nevermind and denigrated black 
people as if the servants weren't there, likely because for them the 
servants and their feelings did not count, were of no importance.

Some participants -- even alternates and kibitzers -- in this discourse 
community talk about lesbigays in leadership positions in the church as if 
that's a theoretical question up for a decision, paying no nevermind, to the 
fact that we already have two out gay bishops in this cyber room, that seven 
of the 38 elected members of Executive Council are lesbigay, that dozens of 
deputies are lesbigay, that many of us have lived in committed relationships 
for decades.......

I am not for a moment suggesting censorship.  I'm a willing servant here, 
not a master.  I am merely whispering from the servants' quarters to those 
that have ears to hear that some folks be kinder than others, that some have 
more class.

Please place your orders early for hickory nut sandwiches in Columbus.


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