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Re: some thoughts about the Anglican Communion right now

> Dear Louie:
> It's not that you don't have anything better to do than to correspond with
> everyone on this list serve. It's that you seemed to be the most
> knowledgeable person to answer my concerns as they relate to the Primates'
> meeting suggestion that we excuse ourselves for a few years. Then also,
> our decision about that and who decides.
> My first reaction was; let's leave the fold. . .we'll be better off. On
> reflection, I've made a 180 degree switch in thought. If we walk away from
> our "place at the table," it implies guilt. Once out, the only way back in
> will be the repentance that the ABC referred to in his interview; one that
> not only we have no reason to do, but also that we have no authority to
> do. Then, the accusation that we continue to "hear" about ECUSA leaving
> the Communion, will be true; we would have walked away, as suggested. We
> need to stay at the table until an entity with the authority to do so,
> votes us out. It would be helpful if Canada made a unified stand with us.
> If we don't do that, we are playing right into the trap that has been set
> for us by the AAC. I don't for one minute believe that the AAC didn't
> orchestrate that meeting. . .how's that for double negatives!! It is at
> times like this, that the Convention majority is at a distinct
> disadvantage, because we are not organized to deal with the fallout that
> the Convention minority has created.
> So, my questions are: Who makes the decision as to whether we walk away or
> not? What sort of input will Executive Council have in the decision
> making? To whom and how should we make our thoughts known?

> Thank you dear Louie for all you do. I'm sorry to dump this on you, but
> didn't know who else to ask!
> With love, XXXXX
> Diocese of XXXXXXX - LD

It's the decision of Executive Council, which meets the week before the ACC
meets.  We will likely decide earlier through a conference call, but I don't
expect those details to be forthcoming until after the House of Bishops
meeting this week.

The Presiding Bishop is our presiding officer at Executive Council.  Since
he is taking a lion's share of the heat right now, I will listen closely to
what he has to say.  On the other hand, since he signed the primates'
communiqué, he most likely will need us to speak the will of the church in
regard to whether our ACC members go.

I expect that we will ask them to go, but I have not polled anyone on
Council.  I expect the Canadians to attend as well.  The bishop member from
Canada  and from TEC are both women; I suspect that's one reason the
primates don't want them at the table.  (Rt. Rev. Sue Moxley, Bishop
Suffragan of Nova Scotia; Rt. Rev. Cathy Roskam, Bishop Suffragan of New

The primates have no juridical authority outside their own provinces.
Theirs is just a recommendation to the Communion.  It is important not to
give them power to determine membership in the ACC, which is an elected
body which has its own rules for enfranchisement.

It is important that we attend peaceably.  Much rhetoric is trying to
demonize us. We should not demonize those who do so.  Jesus says that
when people say all manner of evil against us falsely for His sake, we are
to rejoice and be exceedingly glad.   That's our task, strange as it may


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