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Re: Promoting Babel or Pentecost?

Gentle *****,

Bishop David Alvarez (Puerto Rico) wrote to me:

> Dear Louie: We feel the same way about the 'spanish tranlation' and are
> worried that the Spanish-speaking Anglicans were not taken into
> consideration. Thanks for your comments,  In Christ, 
> +David A. Alvarez

It is an egregious mistake that extraordinary measures have not been
taken to assure first-rate and complete translation of the report
into the languages of at least 75% of the Communion.  The Episcopal
Church pays 29.3% of the budget of the Anglican Consultative Council 
(ACC). [see http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/accrequests99-02.htm]
If the ACC insists on circulating a document that could lead to our 
expulsion or isolation, the ACC should assure that the document is 
readable in the language of most who will make that decision.  
I am signally unimpressed with the consistently shabby and unfair ways 
that the ACC has treated The Episcopal Church.
The decision to publish the recommendations without the
context makes them appear more of a mandate than does the full
document.    It's a bit like publishing only the fifth act of Hamlet,
saying the conclusion is all that really matters in making our
decisions about the play.   

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