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Re: Any news about Louie??

Sister/Fellow disciples,

After four days, I was released from the Wausau Hospital in Wisconsin 
at noon on yesterday and arrived at home around 9 o'clock last night. 
I feel fine and rejoice that no serious damage seems to have occurred, 
nor is the malady likely to recur.

I could not have had better care for body and soul.  Ernest calls 
David+ and Carol Klutterman "our very own two angels."  The Presiding 
Bishop sent flowers.  Bishop Russ Jacobus brought Communion.  David+ 
brought Communion and visited me several times a day.  He said that 
when I was being admitted I became very confused and couldn't remember 
anything more than a minute or so, and kept asking him to pray the 
Lord's Prayer with me, time after time, not remembering that we just 

I confess that I rarely have much faith in the prayers I pray for 
myself.  I have enormous faith in the prayers that I pray for others 
and in the prayers that others pray for me.  From the moment that 
awareness returned, about 3 am on Monday, I was remarkably at peace, 
sustained by your prayers, awash in God's unbounded love.  I remain 

Thank you.

Thanks too to the dozens who sent cards.  "Louie Crew" is not the name 
on my Medicare card or driver's license, and the gracious volunteers 
at the hospital seemed to take a great pleasure in matching the name 
you used with my 'official' or 'government' name.  Let them keep 
that secret!

For those who like medical details:

Transient global amnesia remains the diagnosis.  I have no memory of 
anything from about 3p on Sunday until 3a on Monday, though I spoke 
for nearly two hours, and apparently said all that I had intended to 
say.  (Father Klutterman will be sending me a tape of the occasion. 
I was there as one of a series of presentations from different points 
of view in the Episcopal Church.)

Doctors did extensive tests for stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. 
They found no evidence of a stroke. I have controlled diabetes with 
diet alone since 1997. Tests show that blood sugar levels have been 
constant and safe for the last month.

I have long had an irregular heart beat, but that seems not to have 
been involved in this instance.  My heart is fine according to all 

Doctors did discover 70-90% blockage in the carotid artery of my right 
neck, and my doctor in New Jersey will assess whether to remove that. 
No one knows, but the blockage seems unlikely to be related to the 

Discovering the blockage is a great side benefit of this ordeal, so 
that we can now respond to it before it does damage. I am now on 
Coumadin (blood thinner) and beta blockers, which doctors here will 
monitor closely to establish proper doses.


Lutibelle/Louie, L1 Newark 2006

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