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Misuse of the term "homophobe"

I agree with you that most people misuse the word HOMOPHOBE.  I try
to restrict my use to situations where irrational fear is present.
Phobias are sad, but trouble those who have them more than they
trouble those of whom they are afraid.  My aunt had a phobia for
germs, and as children we could smell when she had arrived, because
she put rubbing alcohol on all doorknobs and plates.  We loved her
and felt that no amount of reasoning could dispel her fear.  Yet she
ate at all manner of restaurants with no concern at all.  We tried
never to suggest what she might find in the kitchen.
I do not know you and certainly would not consider you a homophobe
just because you disagree with me. 
I rejoice that we serve in a church where you are free to vote
against me and I am free to run and be elected -- each of us trying
to live faithfully as we understand it.  May God have patience with
both of us, and may we serve God more than we serve our own
Joy to you and to all whom you serve.
Louie Crew, Ph.D., D.D., D.D., D.H.L.
Member of Executive Council
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Mr. Crew,
I was just wondering...when are you and the other revisionists
in ECUSA going to come to the understanding that many of us who
call ourselves "orthodox" aren't "homophobic" as you would have
the world believe? 
First of all, the word "homophobe" means "fear of the same",
and since I am not homosexual, fearing you or Mr. Robinson or
Ellen Degeneres or any other homosexual person would, actually
NOT make me a homophobe.  I would be a homophobe if I feared
other straight, married, God-fearing, Bible-believing women. 
So, I am most decidedly NOT a homophobe.
Secondly, even if you were to continue to use the
culturally-based usage of "homophobe" in saying that I fear
homosexual people or having something against them, you would
be absolutely incorrect.  My friends and loved ones encompass
people from all walks of life, but my social life does not
determine my spiritual beliefs.  The Bible does.  If I say that
the Word of God has authority over my life, then ALL of it must
have authority over my life, not just the segments that please
me and my human desires.  My issues with the consecration of
Gene Robinson are not over his being homosexual; my issues are
over his steadfast refusal to acknowledge scriptural
teaching that living in a same-sex relationship - without the
merit of marriage as described for us in God's Word - is sinful
behavior which must be confessed.  He is openly unrepentant,
even celebratory about his situation.  I see it as no different
than any other sin.  I wouldn't want an openly unrepentant
glutton or thief or murderer ordained as bishop.  Key words:
openly unrepentant.
My third point is this: as a Christian who wishes to try to
walk in the way of the teachings of Jesus Christ, I welcome any
and all persons into my local house of worship, gay or
straight, black or white, rich or poor, young or old, etc.,
etc., etc.  I will sit down and break bread with anyone seeking
the Truth that is Jesus Christ.  But, I will ALWAYS take issue
with ANYONE who is an openly unrepentant sinner wanting to be
in a leadership & authority position in my church. It's as
simple as that.
I am not just a lone voice in the wilderness, so to speak.  My
feelings are shared by many (if not most) orthodox
So, please, if you truly are a Christian, please stop labeling
us a homosexual-hating conservatives who want to destroy your
lives.  We simply aren't, as much as you might wish we were.
Prayerfully in His love,
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