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Historic episcopacy

At her consecration last Saturday, +Nedi Rivera became the 1,001st 
bishop in the American succession, the first Bishop Suffragan of Olympia, 
and the first bishop ever in all of Christendom to be the daughter of 
a bishop.

When Nedi was ordained a priest in 1979, her father, Rt. Rev. Victor Rivera, 
was the 3rd Bishop of San Joaquin (1968-88).  He was a major foe of women's 
ordination to the priesthood and did not attend.

The glorious liturgy on Saturday celebrated the rich diversity of culture and 
language in the Diocese of Olympia.   The most moving moment for me was near 
the very end.  +Nedi removed her resplendent new cope and miter, and 
+Victor, 88, presented to her the cope he had worn it at his 

+Victor had not worn that cope in a long time and was unable to find the 
matching miter.  Those in the diocese searched diligently for one and found 
a good match, the miter of Bishop Ivol I. Curtis, 7th Bishop of Olympia 
(1964-76), the bishop who had consecrated +Victor.

"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be 
well" (Julian of Norwich)

L., Lay Newark; member of Executive Council

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