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Perpetua and All Her Companions

Not to bother.  Raging bishops to the contrary notwithstanding, at least 
three of the first 10 lesbian bishops of TEC are on this list, from my mouth 
to God's ear:

   Cynthia Black
   Jeanette DeFriest
   Willa Goodfellow
   Elizabeth Kaeton
   Tracey Lind
   Susan Russell

And at least three of the next 10 gay male bishops of TEC are on this list, 
from my mouth to God's ear:

    Michael Barlowe
    Michael Hopkins
    Jeffrey John [but as suffragan only; Brits do not know our polity well 
enough to make
            good ordinaries]
    James Newman
    David Norgard
    Robert Taylor

Thanks be to God their numbers will increase.

Pack your bags and buy your outfits for the consecrations!    Send pictures 
of these  to Archbishops Kolini, Akinola, and Orombi -- on lovely prayer 
cards for their Lenten meditations.

L.  (a.k.a. Paulene Revere. "The Samaritans are coming, the Samaritans are 

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> It would be nice to have an openly lesbian bishop even if she wasn't the 
> primate.

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