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Re: The Will of God?

One of alumni of my prep school 10 years before Ted Turner and I were there 
once said that his prayers redirected a hurricane so that it would not hit 
his headquarters and the controls of his satellite at Pat Robertson 
ministries.  I am relieved to discover that Muslims have their share of 
highly placed nuts and fanatics.


L., McCallie School, '54

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> In addition to the story below, there is also a story that there are Arabs 
> who argue the storm was the result of US/Israeli nuclear testing.
> 'God signed the tsunami'
> 10/01/2005 08:50 - (SA)
> by Bryan Pearson
> http://www.news24.com/News24/World/Tsunami_Disaster/0%2C%2C2-10-1777_1645055%2C00.html
> Colombo - God signed His name in the tsunami that battered Sri Lanka and 
> other countries on December 26, and sent it as punishment because humans 
> have been ignoring His laws, Sri Lankan Muslims say.
> Proof, according to Mohamed Faizeen, manager of the Centre for Islamic 
> Studies in Colombo, is a satellite picture taken seconds after the tsunami 
> smashed into Sri Lanka's west coast near the town of Kalutara and as it 
> was receding.
> "This clearly spells out the name 'Allah' in Arabic," Faizeen said, 
> pointing to the shape of the waves - a gigantic "E" complete with whorls 
> and sidewaves that do indeed appear to combine to resemble the Arabic 
> script for the name "Allah".
> The picture was taken by the DigitalGlobe Quickbird satellite on December 
> 26 at 10:20am local time, shortly after the moment of tsunami impact. It 
> can be viewed at the website "Allah signed His name," Faizeen said. "He 
> sent it as punishment. This comes from ignoring His laws."
> He likened the tsunami to the Old Testament account of floods being sent 
> by God in the time of Noah as punishment for those who had drifted from 
> His ways.
> He added that he had visited the mainly Muslim Ulvae, near the major town 
> of Batticaloa, and found that a madrassa - an Islamic religious school - 
> had been left untouched while 400 houses around it had been flattened with 
> great loss of life.
> The shorelines of many Asian countries hit by the waves had become 
> playgrounds for Westerners and errant Muslims. Vices such as prostitution 
> and drinking were rife, the cleric said.
> "Allah first sends small punishments - like loss of business. If we ignore 
> the warning, He sends bigger ones - loss of life. If we still ignore the 
> warnings, the big punishments, like earthquakes and tsunamis will come."
> Faizeen said areas of Sri Lanka mainly populated by Muslims were the 
> hardest hit and that the waves were aimed at Muslims in Indonesia and Sri 
> Lanka who he said had strayed from God's ways.
> The island is around 70 percent Buddhist, 15 percent Hindu, 7.5 percent 
> Muslim and 7.5 percent Christian.
> Another Muslim leader, Muhammed Fawmey of the International Islamic Youth 
> Front, said he too believed the tsunami was sent by God.
> "He clearly signed His name in the waves," said Fawmey, who said the 
> Arabic script in the waves had suddenly "appeared to me as in a vision" 
> when he was staring at the satellite picture.
> "The Koran says people can be punished through water or through fire," he 
> added, referring to Islam's sacred scripture.
> Scientists have a more rational explanation for the December 26 tsunami - 
> an undersea earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale off the west 
> coast of northern Sumatra.
> "Near the source of submarine earthquakes, the seafloor is 'permanently' 
> uplifted and down-dropped, pushing the entire water column up and down, 
> the US Geological Survey says on its website

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