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Re: The Living Church

Alas, the camera is always there when one gets exasperated, even if
only momentarily over the long haul.  I am glad that my flash of
consternation provided 'light entertainment' for you and for David 
Kalvelage. Ticklebox repair is important, and I am glad that  
I can laugh at myself with you.

I am actually much more optimistic than I was at the moment that I
wrote that -- as much so for the Communion as for TEC.  I agree with
your analysis that it is TEC who is out of step with the Communion,
not the other way round.  I am glad that the Communion is telling us
so.  It is important for us to give an account of our claims to God's
actions in our lives.  

It is not their telling us that concerns me, but the possibility that
they might change the Communion to create jurisdiction the Communion
has never claimed to have in the past. If we want people to change,
we will have whatever success is possible (if any) more by loving
them into it than by trying to bully them or shame them into it.  
I wish we were all this worked up over the pressing needs of the
world -- poverty, ignorance, AIDS, war, famine...... for starters.  
It is always good to hear from you.
Have a blessed Christmas.
Love, Louie
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From: Richard Kew
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Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 4:11 PM
Subject: The Living Church

Dear Louie,

I have just been looking at your quote in the Living Church --
thanks for providing the light entertainment.  [The quote comes from my
Natter at http://www.andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/natter/msg00107.html]

Do you know the story of the mother who was proudly watching
her son as part of a military parade?  When asked to point out
which soldier was her son she said proudly, "Oh, that one, the
only one in step."

The Windsor Report is the Communion talking to that province
that is out of step and has created a crisis because it fails
to understand the basic givens of catholic Christianity or

In Christ,


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