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Re: Sunday Times November 28, 2004. Williams Tells Clergy: Stop Gay Bashing

[Shared with the permission of Chris Hansen. The Archbishop's letter
appears at
http://anglicancommunion.org/acns/articles/39/00/acns3917.cfm</a> -- L]

From: "Chris Hansen" <chrishansenhome@BTINTERNET.COM>
Sent: Sunday, November 28, 2004 7:52 AM
Subject: Re: Sunday Times November 28, 2004. Williams Tells Clergy: Stop Gay Bashing

> The words are welcome, but much too late. I do not believe that any of the
> Primates or other bishops who have indulged in gay-bashing language will
> pay any attention to him.

I confess to being so weary with +Rowan that this seems like a cup of
cold water brought by a judge to the ones he has put in the jail,
whether he wanted to or not.

The Windsor Report is a monstrous interference in the life of The
Episcopal Church, choosing sides in our democratic assembly and
trying to pit one against another.  It has made a crisis where there
was no crisis, and it has distracted from the real crises of AIDS,
war, poverty, racism....

The Windsor Report stoops to isolate +Gene Robinson and to shame
those who participated in or even approved his consecration.  +Rowan's
own refusal to meet with +Gene sends a very clear signal 
The blood of Morley is on +Rowan's own hands as well as on the hands
of those whose rhetoric he has had the decency to condemn.  How much
did +Rowan's betrayal of his friend Jeffrey John embolden bullies
outside as well as inside the Church?


>>>Williams warns that ill-judged words can lead to
>>>suicide or even murder. He cites the homophobic
>>>killing last month of David Morley in London. "Any
>>>words that could make it easier for someone to attack
>>>or abuse a homosexual person are words of which we
>>>must repent," he writes.
> This killing took place about 1/2 mile from Lambeth Palace on the
> riverbank. St. Anne's Church in Soho took the lead in providing a place for
> a memorial service; WL and I attended (and were right up front) and found
> it very moving indeed. Where was the Archbishop of Canterbury and the
> Bishops of London and Southwark that night? Why did none of those three
> turn up in the House of Lords and vote for the Civil Partnerships Bill a
> few weeks later?

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