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[HoB/D] Best practices: A new series

I have spotted some practices recently that I highly commend and urge you to 
consider in your own parish or diocese.  Here are three examples:

  1. Trinity Church in Dallas, TX, where new lay deputy John Crosby is 
senior warden, assigns every parishioner to the care of a member of the 
vestry.   See http://www.trinity-dallas.org/vestry.cfm.  What a marvelous 
way to be disciples.  This sounds straight out of the New Testament.

  2. Bishop Harry  Bainrbridge (Idaho) takes a different member of diocesan 
Council with him on each of his episcopal visits.   What a marvelous way to 
share leadership and to enable it.

  3. Also from Idaho (where Executive Council met two weeks ago):  one of 
the parishes there conducts classes in SSL  (Spanish as a Second Language). 
That's a brilliant way to address and remedy the handicap that mono-lingual 
Episcopalians bring to ministry.

What practices have you established or observed elsewhere that you would 
like to commend to the rest of us?

I urge you to post them to this list in an ongoing way, and suggest that 
anyone doing so use "Best practices" as the first two words of a new subject 
line so that we can easily spot and not neglect items in this series.

L., Newark deputation, Member of Executive Council

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