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The need to be in solidarity with African Anglicans

In his presentation at JUSTICE IS ORTHODOX THEOLOGY in Atlanta earlier this
month, +Steven Charleston encouraged us to look closely at how we might be
in solidarity with those now poised to be our adversaries.  

We are indeed targets of many of the same forces of the patriarchy.  
The efforts of Akinola, Fearon, Orombi, and other African leaders 
are important to redress fierce colonialism.  How ironic that right now 
they are in allegiance with those parts of TEC with the worst record in 
addressing class and race.  Look again at my map of who voted to consent 
to Bishop Robinson:  the white spaces (where deputies and bishops all 
voted not to consent) are dioceses in the Confederacy or the Beretta Belt:
http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/2003_c045.html  (exceptions:  Dioceses
of Rio Grande, Pittsburgh, and North Dakota).

I taught for three years in England's last grand colony before it reverted
to Chinese sovereignty.  I saw first hand the forces that George Orwell
persistently exposed a generation earlier.  See my essay "Abusing Literacy
to Colonize Minds" at http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/pubd/abusing.html

How might we champion Africans' efforts to be shut of their abusers?


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