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Exasperated, Knippers/Duncan now turn to the primates

I found as a novice teacher and dorm master in a boys boarding school
in 1959 that if I blustered beyond my authority, the lads had
myriads of ways to make me realize that I had come up short.

For example, if someone threw a water bomb down the dark hallway I
patrolled after lights out, I would provoke a huge melee if I shouted
all manner of threats. Boys would gladly risk demerits to make add to
the group's fun.

If I did not know who threw the water bomb, I was much more effective
to remain silent and vigilant.  Others would give up if they thought
their efforts would not upset me.

It took me some time to realize that my over-reaction was the show
they wanted, and that I could stop their misbehavior by not reacting
to it.

The primates are the over-reacting authorities.  We are not lads
in a dorm, but disciples of Jesus. We don't need to throw
water bombs.  That will just add to the primates'  bluster and distract 
us all from the real work of the church.   The primates might stop their
bluster if we go ho-hum and ignore it.

The primates have no jurisdiction in The Episcopal Church.  The can
influence us by kindness more than by scorn.


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