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Re: New Sign for my door

My friend the Rev. Bill Carroll, bcarroll@sewanee.edu is onto something
and will likely prompt a great outbreak of the imagination across the
Episcopal Church. I am already asking friends who manifest the
slightest variation, "Have you applied for the imprimatur of the Anglican
Archbishop of Avignon?"!

God made the ticklebox, and it will atrophy if we don't make good use of

      From:  Bill Carroll 
      New Sign for my

      This office remains outside the jurisdiction of the
      Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lambeth Conference, the
      Anglican Consultative Council, and the Primates^ Meeting. It
      falls within the territory of the Episcopal Church (USA), a
      self-governing Church in full communion with the See of
      Canterbury. If you should need to contact the Metropolitan,
      please call the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church
      (USA) or the General Convention (when in session).

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