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Re: The costs of the Lambeth Commission

> Dear Louie:
> Perhaps you might explain your purpose in publishing the
> information on who pays for AC Commissions and ordinary business. 
> I would hope it is was not for the purpose of somehow suggesting
> that because TEC pay so much more of the freight, its positions are
> entitled to greater deference in Communion matters.  Such a
> position would certainly not appear consitent with most of what I
> see you write, so I ask you to clarify it rather than leave me
> suspicious.

I posted it for information, prompted by someone who had asked for the

It would never occur to me to think that positions should be given more
weight based on who pays the most.   I am glad that you acknowledge that
would not be consistent with most of what I post.
I am sure that any one of us would be able to come up with much better
ways to spend that money in support of God's mission.
Best wishes.

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