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Re: One more thoughtful piece

Chris Chivers has written:

> I, for one, left the press conference hoping that Eames was
> right, that the report would indeed stimulate others to
> reflect on their models for communion. And, if Akinola had
> been there, I should have grasped his hand, and invited him
> to walk with me into the brightness of an autumnal London
> day.
> Given the right underlying model, the two of us may yet live
> together in the same Church, happily, if strenuously, ever
> after.

> [Chivers is Precentor at Westminster Abbey. He was formerly
> Canon Precentor of St George's Cathedral, Cape Town.]

Given the right underlying model, yes.  So far I have not found
it easy to walk into the light with +Akinola.  Believe me; I have
tried, and will continue to try.

On the occasion of Akinola's enthronement at the divine St. John's, I was
a reader.  When I introduced Ernest to the Akinolas as we entered the
reception afterwards in the +Sisks' palace, the archbishop dashed from me
fearfully.  Later at the same occasion, +Cathy Roskam called me over to
join them, telling the Archbishop that he should hear from me.  Ernest
watched from the doorway as Akinola panicked and summoned an aide so that
he could avoid the encounter.  Ernest said, "That man is afraid of you."

(See my reflections on the service at the time,


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