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[HoB/D] Concerns about the widespread problem of promiscuity

> It will be refreshing to hear Liberals share their concerns about
> the widespread problem of promiscuity and not play down the
> seriousness of sexual sins. If we share these values let us say so
> more loudly and together.


I am glad that we both value faithfulness, and I welcome your effort 
to find a witness we might make mutually.

I spend huge chunks of time with unbelievers and the unchurched.  I have
found it very ineffective to speak to them loudly about faith matters,
especially if we tell them, unbidden,  how wrong they are.  That will not
work well with anyone, least of all with Samaritans.  We need to be much
more concerned with their thirst than with their sin.

We witness to our own faith much more cogently by the way we love others
than by the way shame them.

I once lived a very promiscuous life. At the time, promiscuity was
what the church told me all homosexuals practice, and I was foolish
enough to believe it.  I had never met any gay people living another
way, nor did the church give them any visibility when I was a young

I did not leave promiscuity out of guilt and shame, but out of
profound change God worked in me.  I first glimpsed how much God loves
me in seeing how much Ernest loves me.

My faithfulness is not my effort to achieve righteousness, but my
response to having received Christ's righteousness.  Jesus nailed
every single one of my sins to the cross.  It is God's righteousness
we are to proclaim, not our own.

The Network in which you participate is working hard to get The
Episcopal Church punished, as best as I can tell, precisely because
The Episcopal Church consecrated as a bishop a man who eschews
promiscuity and lives in a faithful monogamous relationship with
another man.  Unchurched lesbigays will ask you and me both how we can
speak in unison if sending such mixed messages.  Any thoughts about
how to answer them?


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