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Mere speculation

Clearly the Lambeth Commission wants to influence future decisions of
The Episcopal Church.   I hope they will not try to codify our divisions
or in any way try to pick and choose which Episcopalians are in or out of
favor.  They need to respect our own processes, just as we need to respect
those of the other 37 provinces.  It would be wrong to tell the Holy Spirit 
whom God may or may not love or include.

I think it highly unlikely that TEC well replace +FTG with someone who
voted against +Gene.  We made that mistake in electing +John Allin in
1972, the same year we passed women's ordination.  Allin did not support
women's ordination and was not very helpful as the Church lived into that
change throughout his 12 years as primate. 

Regarding the election, consents, and consecration of +Gene Robinson:  it
is madness to think that TEC will not "do it again."  Several prominent
lbgts are likely to be nominated and elected, including, among many
more:  "Very Rev. Tracy LInd, Dean of the cathedral in Cleveland", "Very
Rev. Cynthia Black, Dean of the cathedral in Kalamazoo", " Very Rev.
Robert Taylor, Dean of the cathedral in Seattle," "The Rev. Elizabeth
Kaeton, formerly canon missioner to the Oasis in Newark and floor-leader
for lbgt issues at GC 2003", "The Rev. David Norgard, former missioner to
the Oasis", "The Rev. Susan Russell, director of Claiming the Blessing
and president of Integrity", "The Rev. Michael Hopkins, past president of
Integrity", "Very Rev. Jeffrey John" [who, I think,  would make a
marvelous US suffragan; Brits don't understand TEC and sometimes make
lousy ordinaries]....
35 bishops who consented to +Gene's consecration will be 65 or younger at
Lambeth 2008.  The new PB is almost certain to be one of these:
Gladstone B. (Skip) Adams, Bishop of Central New York
Neil Alexander, Bishop of Atlanta
Charles Bennison, Bishop of Pennsylvania
Jon Bruno, Bishop of Los Angeles
Bruce Caldwell, Bishop of Wyoming
John Chane, Bishop of Washington
Michael Curry, Bishop of North Carolina
Clifton Daniel, Bishop of East Carolina
Thomas C. Ely, Bishop of Vermont
Leopold Frade, Bishop of Southeast Florida
Michael Garrison, Bishop of Western New York
Robert Gepert, Bishop of Western Michigan
Wendell Gibbs, Bishop of Michigan
William Gregg, Bishop of Eastern Oregon
Edwin Gulick, Bishop of Kentucky
Katharine Jefferts Schori, Bishop of Nevada
James A. Kelsey, Bishop of Northern Michigan
Chilton Knudsen, Bishop of Maine
Mark MacDonald, Bishop of Alaska
Paul Marshall, Bishop of Bethlehem
Larry Maze, Bishop of Arkansas
William Persell, Bishop of Chicago
Steven Plummer, Bishop of Navajoland
F. Neff Powell, Bishop of Southwestern Virginia
Creighton Robertson, Bishop of South Dakota
Stacy Sauls, Bishop of Lexington
Alan Scarfe, Bishop of Iowa
James Shand, Bishop of Easton
Thomas Shaw, Bishop of Massachusetts
Andrew Smith, Bishop of Connecticut
George Wayne Smith, Bishop of Missouri
James E. Waggoner, Jr., Bishop of Spokane
Catherine (Cate) Waynick, Bishop of Indianapolis
Geralyn Wolf, Bishop of Rhode Island
Wayne Wright, Bishop of Delaware
Of those who will retire who helped make up the huge majority of domestic
bishops voting to consent to +Gene, it is highly unlikely that their
dioceses will elect successors in a way that serves as a referendum on
the consents, and if they do, it is unlikely that they would vote to
repudiate the consents.
This is all mere speculation on my part, but thanks for the prompt.


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