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Re: Eames commission

> I would be willing to use whatever channel would help those most in
> need, as long as the recipients were fully informed the assistance came
> from gay Anglicans in America.

I understand the feeling, but disagree.  If it is really God's money, it
should come designated as from God, not from us.  The Good Samaritan's
witness was powerful because it was an act of compassion, not an act to show
how good Samaritans are.   Let Jesus notice that and call attention to that.
We change the nature of the gift if we give to call attention to ourselves.
We give to call attention to God, and those to whom we give provide God's
face to us.

Otherwise, like those who pray in public to be seen of others, we will 'have
our reward,' and that only.

I think it is abominable that several primates have politicized gifts to the
poor and needy.  We must not do the same thing in reverse.  I recommend
giving through Episcopal Relief and Development, which is free of political
concerns, rigorously committed to accountability, and creative in finding
ways to bypass bureaucracies.  It works well with secular aid agencies as
well as ecclesiastical ones.  It often responds by channeling through the
most respected local agencies rather than trying to invent its own program
in every spot in the world.   I find uneven business standards in many
operations of TEC at all levels, but not at ERD; the standard there is
consistently very high.  Spend some time at http://www.er-d.org/  If
Integrity members want to become involved collectively, you might think of
taking ERD's Ubuntu Africa Pilgrimage the next time it is offered.  See


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